Web Rankings Overview

One look through the report overview lets you quickly identify major successes, key trouble spots and the latest trends and changes in your search engine rankings and keyword positions.

Flexible Report Views

Watch individual keyword performance fluctuate over time, and check each URL to see where it ranks for specific search terms. Filter by position or search engine, and sort by gains, losses or rank.

Safe Queries

Innovech runs the queries for you without risk to your own local IP address so you can run as many reports as you need as often as you want.

Scheduled Reporting

Schedule reports to run each day, week or month to automatically get the updated data and metrics you want when you want them.

Competitor Identification & Tracking

See who your competitors are and how you compare. Innovech Reporter identifies your top competitors so you can track their search rankings alongside your own.

Downloadable & Exportable

Download reports to PDF for sharing with clients, colleagues and supervisors. Export data to XML or CSV files to use in spreadsheets or add to your records.

White Label SEO Reporting

Brand a report with your company’s or client’s logo for sharing online or downloading to PDF. Upload and apply the logo once, and that report’s new branding will already be in place each time it’s updated with new data.

International Search Engine Rankings

Track your search rankings across more than 120 countries and regions with full support for double-byte characters and more than 350 international search engine variants, including their unique end-user filters and controls that restrict results by country and language.