How Do I Post On My Website By Myself ?

Custom HTML Web Design VS WordPress Web Design For Business

First of all, maintaining a website involves a lot of work. You have to keep your website up to the latest standards. you need to optimize it for mobile devices and tablets. most noteworthy, implement good security to prevent hacker attacks and most importantly, add new posts to your website.

Consequently, with a custom-built website, you’ll have to hire a web developer to post the content online for you since custom website require you to have programming knowledge. These developers don’t come cheap due to the fact that they will charge by the hour.

As a result, WordPress doesn’t have that problem hence the content management system capabilities. You can allow the allow the web designer to update, and install security plugins to protect your website and even add and manage all the website pages because the web designer knows which plugins are compatible with which version of plugins.
Above all, think about all the money and time you can save.

Finally, your choice of web design individual or company will determine the future of your website health in terms of look and feel, search engine marketing readiness, registration of your website to Google Search, Google my business and Google places (Important since this registers your industry of choice to Google to acquire targeted customers). The good web designer or web design company must be able to train you to be able update your own news or blog online to avoid hourly cost every time you want to update news or blog.

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