Website Home Page Vs. Landing Page – What’s The Difference?

What Is A Home Page?

Think about your home page like the front door of your home. People make judgments when they arrive at your home. They quickly look around to get to know you, and they’re seeing if they can relate to whom you appear to be. Think: first impressions.

The home page’s goal is to disrupt their status quo, emotionally connect with them and direct them to either convert or move directly through your site.

What Is A Content Page?

Content pages are the pages that continue the story. These are usually designed and written for visitors in the Consideration and Decision stages. To use our site as an example, when visitors hit our home page, they hear a story. When they want to learn more about inbound marketing, Agile marketing or inbound sales, they hit our content pages to learn more.


What Is A Landing Page?

Landing pages have one major objective and one minor objective. The major goal for all your landing pages is to turn site visitors into leads. It’s the end of the story, as I referenced above. Visitors have been to the site, they’ve seen your story and they found additional educational content they want and need. The landing page has to be highly efficient at taking them through the final step and converting them into a lead for you to nurture.

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